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"The Colorful Shan State" 2013, 120 x 150.5 cm, oil on canvas

Zaw Win Pe

    Zaw Win Pe Born in 1960 in Le Gaing, Mague Division, Central Myanmar. 1981 - 1984 State School of Fine Art. Myanmar Exhibitions 2012 : Other Face of…

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"Nude with a Camera" #1, 2014, 60 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas

Sandar Khaing

    Sandar Khaing 1971 : Born in Yangon, Myanmar 1994 : Studied under Pe Nyunt Way, Maung Maung Thein, Win Pe Myint ( W.P.M ) Solo Exhibitions 2011 :…

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"Mara & Buddha" 2013, 56 x 75 cm, watercolor on paper

Moat Thone

  Moat Thone 1977 : Graduated from The State School of Fine Arts Mandalay. Solo Exhibitions Moat Thone Water Colour Show, A.Z.L.A Office & Gallery. Winter Trail of Images. Fifty…

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"Geometrical Expression of Night" 2018, 61 X 61 cm, oil on canvas

Kyee Myintt Saw

      Kyee Myintt Saw "Light, both natural and artificial, and the resulting shadows are the things that constantly inspire my imagination; light is my true subject." A dedicated…

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"The Lady" #2

Kin Maung Yin

    Kin Maung Yin Born : 1938 1960 : Studied architecture at University of Rangoon and started Painting Exhibitions 2010 : Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Presented by Suvannabhumi Art…

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"Environment" #1, 2010, 100 x 120 cm, oil on canvas

Harn Lay

    Harn Lay 1963 : Born in southern Shan State, Myanmar (1963 - 2022) 1982 : Graduated in painting from the State School of Fine Art, Rangoon. 1986 :…

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