Na Chanok Siemmai (Sun)


Na Chanok Siemmai (Sun) or Suriya Siemmai (former name)

b. 1979, Trang, Thailand (1979 – 2010)

2003: Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking) from Rajamangala University, Chiang Mai.

If… by Narongyot Thongyu (January, 2018)

When we lived together in the rented house brother Sun always opened the Bread’s song “If” for a mellow air while we were creating our work.  And every time I listen to the song my mind will be brought back to the old days with him to whom I regard as my close friend and respect as a real brother of mine.

Once we studied in Chiang Mai Art faculty brother Sun always shared to me on his art-working experiences and art of living and then it became a part that painting and decorating our lives and making them very meaningful.

During the previous years when saw me and MarMar sometimes he told us his dream of solo exhibition here Suvannabhumi  Gallery but we had never talked it seriously and only wished it would be hold someday. Yet not even prepared anything then brother Sun had got seriously ill and passed away unexpectedly and shocked us all who heard the news.

Even if has not lived with us for over seven years but he leaves the traces of his days in someone’s mind and his created works which stand for his existence on earth.

An artist who had worked constantly until the last days of his life even when his health in worst. A friend who always talked intimately with me and MarMar. One who before leaving us brought some of his works selling to MarMar for medicine and healing his malady and MarMar purchased them with personal favor in his works and wished to support his spirit in the hard times.

Now before you are the works of the artist which some of them kept in possession of mine and MarMar. This exhibition holds for remembrance to him and tell the stories of his life and works to mark his name existing in the world of art.

If (If) represent the thousand words and if you see or realize it, I wish you would be blessed with your solo exhibition as your dream once you told me and we draw the plan time after time together.